who's alek?


Thanks for taking a look at my website/online portfolio. It does mean a lot since as a passionate young artist, all I want to do is to bring people together and to spark change through my art. I started making short films at a very young age thanks to my amazing mother. She's a visual artist and a photographer, she always told me that I would have to create my own opportunities if I wanted to be successful in this industry. After producing various award-winning short films, I realized that I actually could make money and live off my artistic craft.

This being said, I started filming weddings, which has expanded my knowledge in filmmaking. Being a student at the Ryerson University in the competitive program Film Studies, it's taught me so many different ways to create art through moving pictures. 

Even though this website/online portfolio is heavily based on my filmmaking work, I'm also modelling with the help of my agency B&M Models. Being also an eleven year competitive swimmer, I've always loved the idea of having various passions in life.

Jazz music, red wine, dancing alone naked and watching hours of youtube are also things I've grown to become a pros at. I'm a french Canadian who strives to learn and get inspired from people's life stories!

Always feel free to get in touch with me, in french or english. Cheers!