Filmmaking used to be my only way to translate what I felt through an artistic way. I finally let myself explore different methods to let my mind speak. Creating collages was one of them but painting became another way to share my thoughts. I believe anyone who focuses their time in a artistic field, whether that be music, writing, painting, filmmaking, drawing (etc.) it is our duty to feel things intensely and to report it back to the world through your art.

Since 2018 has been a year of spontaneous self-discovery, I felt the need to express myself in a way that would liberate heavy emotions. I needed to let go and to be in peace with things that made me confused. That’s when art came into the picture, I started painting and getting lost in this new art form. My mom is a visual artist, which inspired me to explore that route. I took many art classes in school, but then quickly left it behind when I went to University. After a couple of months of re-learning techniques in art, I began to love working with acrylic on canvas. That medium let me go loose when holding that paintbrush.

Gerry Kingsley TIFF 2018.jpg

Series 01

Acrylic on Canvas - Abstract // Expressionism

“Every time we go out into the world, we can choose to be alert - to see what we’ve not seen before. An evening walk on the beach can contain a multitude of universes. It only requires a conscious decision to “tune in” and activate all the senses. To accept what we’ve felt in the past and to stay open to what we don’t know yet.”