Having the chance to film so many different and unique weddings doesn't feel like a job to me. It's a passion of mine, to share a story through visuals. I pride in working collaboratively with the soon to be married couple. I love to explore different ways to capture a special day to fit the style of the couple and of the actual day.

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Anne-Elizabeth & Raffael’s Wedding

Capturing this wedding was an outstanding experience. The whole day was intimate and so timeless. Feeling thankful to have been the one to film all of these special moments. For more info & booking:

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Stephanie & Jordan's Wedding

Stephanie & Jordan's small and intimate wedding was something very special to film! Thanks so much and congratulations xx

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Emma & Yves’ Wedding

This wedding was such a dream come true. The day really couldn't have been more outstanding. So lucky to have been the one to capture such special memories. Congratulations Emma & Yves!

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kristina & john’s wedding

I feel so lucky to have been able to shoot such an intimate winter wedding at the Eco Lodge, in Ontario, Canada. Kristina & Jon truly had a winter wonderland kind-of-wedding. Congratulations to both of you, it was an amazing day.

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Dominique & nicholas’ wedding

Winter... A cold season that encourages golden & warm moments to happen. A time to gather family and friends together and embark on sentimental journeys. Congratulations Dominique & Nicholas on your timeless winter wedding!

Teri & Mathieu’s Wedding

This wedding was such a fun one. The bride, Teri, has such an upbeat soul that makes everyone around her want to be on her optimistic level! I couldn't stop smiling throughout the day :)

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Tessa & Zakk’s Wedding

There's always something so special when you're part of such a humbled wedding! The bride Tessa looked absolutely phenomenal.

When Zakk turned around to see his future bride in her white dress, time stopped for them & for everyone around, lucky enough to be part of this timeless moment.


I traveled all the way to Timmins (Canada) to capture this beautiful Northern wedding. The weather, the company and the whole day was outstanding. Much love as always xx


You can't beat a wedding day that's filled with sunflowers! With so much thought put into every single detail, it turned out to be such a spectacular wedding to say the least. Such a great way to start a new season... Autumn!

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Melissa & Natalie's Wedding

Where do I start with Melissa and Natalie... These two brides found me through my retro 8mm Series in 2016. They appreciated my personal vintage artistic approach and requested if I could film their wedding in that way. Without a doubt, I had to say yes! They flew me to New York & ventured my way in Oneonta. A small, woodsy place in the world that fit their style so well. x

Ashlyn & Kristian's Wedding

This was my first winter wedding and it was one of the best experience to say the least. White, woodsy and so classy!

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Chanelle, a passionate pilot. Wes, a fearless firefighter. Both came together and warmly invited me as if I was part of the family to film their memorable wedding! Cheers to such a great day.


To have such a funny, supportive and loving family on both sides is something extremely precious. Whilst filming Kendell & Derek's special day, I was in awe from the close family bond everyone shared.

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It was such an amazing experience to have had the chance to capture such a classy wedding! From the people to the decor... everything was golden. Joel & Kassandra truly had a beautiful wedding day.

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A beautiful pregnant bride with such a funny groom, Kayla & Scott had such a special wedding day. I'm so lucky to have filmed it.

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Traveling to Owen Sound to capture such a unique wedding with beautiful locations was an absolute treat. Congratulations Danielle and Colin!


I had the privilege to capture such an intimate wedding in the beautiful northern Ontario, Canada. The wedding had hints of rustic greys, whites & reds hues, which fell into place romantically. With some Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero music covered live and a crowd of beer lovers, nothing wrong could have happened. Merci Megan & Rick for this opportunity!